Socks on Tour is a project set up by Beat Young Ambassador Rose Anne Evans. The aim is to use sock animals to raise awareness of eating disorders and tackle the stigma surrounding them.

Every year during Eating Disorders awareness week, the eating disorder charity Beat has a campaign called ‘Sock It to Eating Disorders’. So @socksontour are asking you to take part in Beat’s campaign by making your own sock monkey and taking a #SOCKITSELFIE during Eating Disorders Awareness Week (February 2019). We then invite you to pass on your sock monkey, so that we can raise even more awareness.

It’s never too early to start making monkeys! Have a relaxing night in with your friends and help @socksontour to raise as much awareness as possible. Together, eating disorders can be beaten!

If you are able, please also give to our Just Giving Page to help us to raise money for the eating disorder charity Beat. Thank you!

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