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What is Sock Monkeys

sock monkey

Most people don’t know, but sock monkeys are one of the oldest toys still being made. The original sock monkey was made in the early 1930′s and were made from socks produced by the Nelson Knitting Company that featured the red heel which is used for the monkeys lips. Since the socks were so popular many other companies began producing socks in the same style and color and the socks then became known as “Rockfords” being that they were originally produced in Rockford, Illinois.

During the Great Depression sock monkeys flourished as impoverished turned to making the dolls out of worn-out Rockfords as they couldn’t afford other toys for their children. Homemade sock monkeys these days are considered one of kind due to their unique faces and body characteristics but back during the depression it was simply a gift to give when no other resources were available.

What did it all lead to?

Since their introduction, sock monkeys have remained a staple toy for both children and adults alike. Some are so enamored with the toy that they collect different variations of the doll and go out of their way to find older incarnations.  Collectors also study sock monkeys and use their knowledge to be able to date “vintage” sock monkeys by inspecting the shape of the red heel, the tightness of the weave, sock seams, the style of clothing worn, and other features. To be termed “vintage” the sock monkey must be made from the red-heeled socks made by the Nelson Knitting Company (and many people will pay a great deal of money for these collectors items).

For those who just love the simplicity of the doll or are reminded of their childhood by playing with one, the Sock Monkey Costume is an excellent choice to pay tribute to a doll that has withstood the test of time. Like the doll, there are many variations of sock monkey costumes so you’re bound to find something that suits you. There are his and her sock monkey costumes for a couple who want to show their admiration of the doll together. There are sock monkey costumes for infants and babies, and toddlers. There are even sexy sock monkey costumes if you want to show a little skin while showing off your sock monkey pride. For those of us who prefer anonymity there are sock monkey costumes that cover your entire face(which might get a little hot if you’re wearing your costume to a party but hey, might as well go authentic!).