The Inspiration Behind Socks On Tour

Hi everyone,

My name is Rose Anne Evans and I’m a Young Ambassador for the eating disorder charity Beat. My mission is to raise as much awareness as possible of eating disorders and, of course, of Beat.

The inspiration for @socksontour came from a trip to London, when a lady put a teddy bear down on the seat next to me in the train station. The teddy bear had a little tag on it, explaining it was from a group of school children in Sweden and they wanted to see how far their teddy could get. Having already made sock monkeys in support of #sockittoeatingdisorders, I decided to combine the two ideas together, and Socks On Tour was created.


So after a few months of planning, now is the time to finally launch the project in preparation for  Beat’s campaign #sockittoeatingdisorders in February 2019. Before then, we’re asking as many people as possible to make sock monkeys so that we can  spread awareness and reduce the stigma of eating disorders one sock (monkey) at a time.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging, sharing some of my story of recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, as well as documenting my journey as a speaker and campaigner of mental health and eating disorders.

Thank you for your support with the project. The more people can raise awareness, the better, because together, we CAN beat eating disorders!

Onwards and upwards,

Rose Anne

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