A poem by Emily

Like me, Emily also finds that writing poetry is a good coping mechanism. She has very kindly shared one of her poems with us.

Do I want to keep on being dictated by that anorexic voice inside my head,

that brings me down and wants me dead,

the Emily I see looking back at me is fat, ugly,

and worthless and is no good to anybody.

The strong control over me every time I go out,

every time I eat and drink it screams and shouts,

all it wants to do is punish me

but I’m determined I’m stronger and I will break free

12 years of fighting this hell,

I realise now more than ever that I want to be well,

to escape the anorexias control over my mind

and reach that peace I’ve been longing to find,

to get to that place where I can accept me for me,

to be healthy and happy and one day free.



Contributed by Emily Nuttall:  @emily4993

Read Emily’s storyEmily is raising money to help Beatjustgiving.com

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