About Rose Anne Evans


Rose Anne (Rosie) is a mental health campaigner who believes that, with the right guidance and support, everybody has the potential to flourish.

Having experienced mental health problems as a teenager, Rose Anne aims to use her experiences to provide hope and support to those currently experiencing mental health problems. She also hopes to tackle the stigma and discrimination that many people face during their illness.

Rose Anne began her campaigning journey after becoming a Time to Change Young Champion in 2016. She has spoken at conferences, on the radio and on television to raise awareness of mental health problems and eating disorders. In 2017, Rose Anne published her book, Fight for Freedom, which aims to raise awareness of Anorexia Nervosa, and to give guidance to those experiencing an eating disorder.

Rose Anne then went on to become a Beat Young Ambassador in 2017, and has since represented Beat at conferences, including the Eating Disorder International Conference in London. Rose Anne regularly talks to the media about important topics surrounding mental health and eating disorders.

To support Beat’s campaign Sock It To Eating Disorders, Rose Anne created Socks On Tour as a fun and inventive way of raising awareness of eating disorders. She hopes that the project will continue to tackle misconceptions of these serious mental illnesses, and has some exciting plans for the project, which will be announced in the near future.


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